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Indrapastha Press Club of India
Indrapastha Press Club of India
Indrapastha Press Club of India
Indrapastha Press Club of India
Indrapastha Press Club of India
Indrapastha Press Club of India

Grand Release of World's First Media Song

at Constitution Club 7th February, 2013

For Media Song
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Journey for making of ‘MEDIA SONG’ - Some memorable moments
Indian Media made World’s first Media Song ‘Proud to be Journalist’
Grand release of song by Indian Music Maestros on 7th February, 2013 in Constitution Club, New Delhi

Song is a Tribute to Pen Martyrs

‘Proud to be Journalist’ is an initiative taken by Indraprastha Press Club of India. The song brings forward the contribution of media professionals in proper functioning of democratic structure of a country. Many times journalists are being criticized and blamed for many different issues. People who blame journalists forget that, those media professionals fulfill their duties towards the society against all odds. They bring news from every part of the world even when they have to face natural tough conditions, terrorist’s attacks, odd hours of working, pressure from powerful people and many other professional challenges.

Media has served the society and witnessed so many changes, and at the same time it went through so much adaptation to stand in sync with International and National Society. Media is the fourth pillar of society, its contribution for the growth and development of the society is unlimited. This song is written to bring forward the contribution of media professionals. This is the first song in world written on journalists.

Though media has served art and culture a lot kept it as integral part of our life; the very same fraternity has failed to develop even a single song dedicated to media. Hence Indraprastha Press Club of India decided to dedicate a song to media fraternity; we believe that song ‘Proud to be Journalist’ has all the ingredients to become an anthem of the media fraternity. We as part of Indian Media feel proud that our country took the first step to make a song on contributions of Media.

The thought of making a song on journalist came to National President of Indraprastha Press Club of India Mr. Narender Bhandari when he could not find a single song dedicated to journalist on internet or printed. He searched the website of all National and International Media Organisations but could not find a single song on journalist. He then spoke to Mrs. Kenu Agarwal, Vice President of the club and asked her to write a song in English on media professionals. Kenu Agarwal asked different questions related to media professionals life and work from Mr. Bhandari and wrote the lyrics of the song. She called back Mr. Bhandari within 3 hours and asked him to check his mail as the lyrics of the song were there on his mail. Mr. Bhandari spoke to Mrs. Anjali Bhatia- General Secretary, Mr. Shivender- Senior Vice President, Mr. Naresh Gupta- Treasurer, Ms. Santosh Suryavanshi- Vice President and Mr. Manu Sharma- Secretary about the song and everyone together decided that our organization should make a song dedicated to Pen Martyrs.

            Mr. Bhandari spoke to Mr. Sunil Dang, senior journalist about the Media Song; Mr. Sunil Dang assured that he will provide all the required support to IPPCI for making of the song. The matter was also discussed with Mr. Sanjay  Vashishtha, advisor of IPPCI, he suggested that Mr. Tarun Bhalla a very experienced music director should be contacted to direct the music for the song. Mr. Tarun Bhalla agreed to direct music for the song, he stayed in Mumbai for 15 days to get the music composed. He composed the track of the song in the studio of Mr. Prakash Verma- Mr. Rakesh Verma. Then the search of singers for the song began. IPPCI wanted singers with good knowledge of music as well as English to give proper ascent and pronunciation to the lyrics. The search ended at Ms. Subhangi Tiwari from London. Subhangi Tiwari and son of Tarun Bhalla Sankalp Bhalla have given the lead voices in the song. The Corous is given by Ankur Gupta, Boski, Tanya, Vani Babbar, Sahil Bhalla and Yatahrth Sharma. They practiced day and night to compose the song. Finally the song was recorded in Satish Babbar Studio in Model Town, Delhi and was recorded by Mr. Gurpreet Singh.

The world’s first media song is of the duration 5 minutes. The song will be heard by the whole media fraternity therefore it is made in the most widely spoken language in the world English. The song will be made in Hindi and many other Indian and International languages. We appeal to all the News Channels to please provide us the footage of outstanding working of Media Professionals so that we can make the video for the song.
            Media professionals while fulfilling their duties face many difficulties. Every day they become victim to different circumstances, some of them leave their families behind. This is also Tribute to journalists who have lost their life while working.

(Written By Kenu Agarwal)

We are the voice of the masses.
We are the eyes of the classes.
We work in peace and in war.
We work at Everest and in Thar.
We are the common journalists.

We sleep hungry with the poor.
We celebrate with newsmakers.
We fight together with our soldiers.
We shine jointly with our friends.
We are proud to be the journalists.

We work with our pens and cameras.
We fight for common man’s right.
We work to empower our women.
We work to eradicate terrorism.
We are the united journalists.

Borders of the countries cannot stop us.
Religious thoughts cannot brainwash us.
We learn to serve our fellowmen.
We change to change the common man.
We were destined to be journalists.

For further details about the song please contact:-

  1. Mrs. Anjali Bhatia, General Secretary- Indraprastha Press Club of India,
    Mob: 09968107016
  2. Mrs. Kenu Agarwal, Lyrics Writer & Vice President- Indraprastha Press Club of India, Mob: 09811025332
  3. Mr. Tarun Bhalla, Music Director,
    Mob: 09891566289
  4. Mr. Nirmal Jain, Convener, Indraprastha Press Club of India Rajasthan Chapter,
    Mob: 09214315197

“Indraprastha” is an ancient name of Delhi for a long time. Its elite historical infrastructure and activities have been providing a large number of eminent personalities, viz. edu-cationists, politicians, socialists and journalists......

(Narender Bhandari)

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